Take Back City Hall


Thank you for visiting our website.Take Back City Hallhas been launched in response to a growing tax burden on Calgary businesses and home owners. We will be encouraging conservative and business friendly individuals to run for City Council in the 2021 Municipal Election and helping them get organized for success. Calgary is out of control, the bureaucrats run the showand there are only 4 conservatives on council. This must change! We can no longer be apathetic about this level of government.

Here Are Some Quick Facts:Since 2010, spending in the City of Calgary has increased by more than 40%; Property taxes for a typical Calgary home have more than doubled; Roughly one-third of City employees now earn salaries in excess of $100,000 per year; The City has added more than 2,000 new employees to its payroll; Total City budget is now about $4 billion per year; the vacancy rate downtown is almost 40%; Last year, Calgary had the most bankruptcies in city history. Also, City Council recently voted to explore the following taxes: Alcoholic Beverage Tax, Entertainment tax, Amusement Tax, Motor Vehicle Ownership Tax, Municipal Income Tax, Fuel Tax, Land Transfer Tax, Insurance Tax, Sales Tax, Tourist Tax, Small Business Tax, Bill Board Tax and many, many more.

We are writing policies and solutions for the many issues and are in discussions with several members of City Council. We have asked for a full Organizational Forensic Review of all City Departments to effectively ascertain where smart cuts can and will be made. These reviews are done on a regular interval in the private sector. There is so much waste at City Hall and an Organizational Review would find millions in savings per year! Post COVID-19 budgets will require those with business experience.

WHAT YOU CAN DO! - You can help in the following ways:

We will continue to fight hard on your behalf and will be releasing Solutions For A Growing Calgary that will provide a detailed road map that focuses on less government, lower taxes and political accountability.

Conservatives of all stripes are united behind this project and with your help we will Take Back City Hall!